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Abstract Art Online Gallery of TeXTuReD Original abstract paintings, modern palette knife paintings & contemporary home decor art for sale - Direct from the artist's studio!


Original Art - Abstract Paintings - Modern Palette Knife Impasto Paintings - Landscapes, Flowers and Trees - Metallic Art - Contemporary Home Decor

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Gallery of Sold Art:

Floral: Poppies, Orchids, Bouquets, Daisies, Roses
Modern Art:
Landscapes, Zen Sunset & Sunrise, Seascapes
Impressionist Art:
Koi Fish-Sea Life, Birds, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Spider Webs
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Large abstract paintings

Koi fish painting
Koi Fish Painting- 30"x30"
$1,375.00 USD

abstract painting on sale
Large Abstract Painting
SALE - ORIGINAL Abstract...
$575.00 USD SOLD

abstract flowers painting
Abstract flowers landscape painting- Huge 36"x60" canvas
ORIGINAL Modern Flowers...
$2,400.00 USD

abstract painting
Large Impasto Textured Abstract Painting- 36"x48"
CUSTOM Large White Abstract Painting,,,
$750.00 US

modern minimalist landscape painting
Minimalist Landscape Abstract Painting- HUGE single stretched canvas: 36"x72"
ORIGINAL Large Abstract,,,
$2,400.00 USD SOLD - Available for commission

huge abstract painting
HUGE single canvas- grey, gold - HEAVY sculpted Texture Contemporary Painting 36"x60"
ORIGINAL Large Abstract,,,
$1,800.00 USD

abstract peacock painting
Signature Original Art- White Peacock Abstract Painting: Large version 36"x48"
ORIGINAL Peacock...
$2,400.00 USD

contemporary floral landscape oil painting
24"x72" Palette Knife orange Poppies- Large Abstract floral Impasto Landscape Oil Painting
ORIGINAL HUGE Contemporary...
$1,200.00 USD SOLD

cherry blossom tree oil painting
Custom 36"x36" White Cherry Blossoms Tree - Contemporary Palette Knife Impasto Oil Painting for sale in my etsy online store

$1,450.00 USD (original has been SOLD, listing is for a commission of similar piece)


Gallery- Small Preview of all READY to SHIP Art

abstract paintings for sale
Abstract Paintings
abstract tree paintings Tree Paintings abstract flower and landscape paintings Flowers & Landscape Paintings
modern home decor paintings for sale
Mix & Match Metallic Art
abstract floral oil paintings
Floral Vase/Bouquet Paintings
fine art prints


custom art prints

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Abstract art, flowers, and tree prints from original artwork. Available from Small to Large sizes as well as in greeting card format- Put your own unique touch of style this holiday season by expressing yourself with original art holiday cards! For fine art prints as gifts there are lots of options including matting, frames and gallery wrap canvas.

Welcome to my Online Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art. You have just entered my wonderful World of TexTuRE! On this website you will find a small collection of some of my sold art, as well as my signature style modern floral palette knife impasto paintings and textured abstract art paintings currently available for sale including: flowers, landscapes, metallic textured art, and geometric large abstract paintings. All of my original artwork is created with a palette knife using oil and acrylic on gallery back wrapped canvas. Only the best artist grade materials are ever used- I never cut corners with plaster or other substandard materials, so you can always be certain you are purchasing quality fine art. New, fresh off the easel and fully dry paintings are available for sale in my Etsy Store (links above) These are ready for immediate shipment to your home or office upon placing your order. All orders go out within 2-3 business days via UPS Ground (Continental USA) and USPS Priority Mail w/tracking (Most International Locations). Custom boxes are used for safe delivery and each piece is insured. All paintings arrive ready to hang right out of the box
Abstract gallery- These are just some of my popular sold oil and acrylic abstract paintings, each one of a kind created with a palette knife. You may find similar ones ready to ship which are up for sale in my etsy store. You can also custom order similar paintings in various sizes on stretched canvas.
abstract painting

 "Love & Riches" brown blue, textured modern abstract painting- 48"x24"

green abstract painting

"Green Abyss" olive organic geometric modern abstract painting- 48"x24"

red abstract painting

red and black textured geometric abstract painting- 48"x24"

purple abstract painting

"purple cascade" textured abstract painting 36"x24"

blue silver abstract painting

"After the Rain" blue silver white - circles and squares abstract painting 48"x24"


red white abstract painting

"Scarlet Kisses" red white and silver large textured abstract painting 48"x24"


Metallic modern art gallery- These are a few of my popular textured modern abstract paintings created with a palette knife in shimmering metallics. The contemporary colors I use most often are silver, steel, bronze and gold.
modern silver painting

metallic silver textured abstract painting 36"x24"

abstract painting gold texture

bronze gold and black metallic abstract painting 36"x24"

abstract metallic painting

gold and silver metallic impasto - large abstract painting 48"x24"

Impressionist gallery- impressionist paintings of birds, peacocks, dragonflies butterflies and koi fish. Each is one of a kind created with a palette knife using impasto oils and/or acrylics.
koi fish abstract painting

blue brown gold palette knife koi fish modern painting 24"x24" canvas

abstract butterfly painting

purple gold textured butterfly art on square canvas 24"x24"

abstract dragonfly painting

blue brown gold dragonfly- floral impressionist art 24"x24"

peacock painting

white peacock- contemporary abstract painting 36"x24"

modern birds painting

impressionist texture white birds on square canvas 24"x24"

modern dragonfly painting

textured dragonfly- modern floral fantasy painting on a circle canvas

Abstract floral gallery- palette knife impasto abstract floral oil paintings of red poppies, vase bouquets, abstract flower landscapes, blossoms, and modern orchids. You may find similar art available for sale and ready to ship in my etsy store, although sometimes they are sold out, in which case you can contact me if you would like a similar painting recreated.
palette knife floral painting

modern white floral bouquet in vase- abstract impasto oil painting 36"x24"

modern orchid painting

white orchid flower- impressionist modern impasto oil painting 24"x24"

abstract flowers painting

red poppy flowers modern impasto landscape painting 48"x24"

abstract gold red poppies painting

acrylic red poppies on gold- floral landscape abstract painting 36"x24"

modern flowers painting

red poppies abstract impasto landscape oil painting 48"x24"

abstract floral painting

modern impasto palette knife oil painting- white flowers on silver and gold 36"x24"

SusannaAbout the artist: Susanna Shap was born in Odessa, Ukraine on July 19th, 1980 on the opening day of the Summer Olympics being held in Moscow. Her first baby gift was the Olympic teddy bear. Her parents immigrated to the United States, first going through Italy and staying there for 14 months where Susanna still being 8 years old quickly picked up the Italian language. Unfortunately she has almost just as quickly forgotten most of it when her family arrived in NYC in 1989. Susanna has since moved to the peaceful town of Stroudsburg PA where she now lives with her husband, 2 year old and 3 year old beautiful little girls, and 3 "baby" dogs. Susanna is a self taught, self representing professional contemporary-impressionist abstract artist. In the past 6 years she has sold over 2000 original palette knife paintings online including custom paintings through her website and online venues such as eBay and Etsy. You can check customer feedback here. Susanna now offers her original abstract paintings for sale (in large and medium canvas sizes) primarily on Etsy rather then on this website. This keeps all of her new available artwork in a simple, easy to browse, single place format and frees up her eyes, hands, time and energy for the most important things: painting, shipping, customer service to her wonderful art collectors and of course: developing new techniques.

"Art is my full time job but and I acknowledge the fact that I am incredibly lucky it is also something I have loved since the as far back as I can remember. Located in the Pocono Mountains of the Keystone State of PA, I am surrounded by the clean air, natural beauty and roaming wildlife around my home, all of which are perks that come with living here and over time have proven to provide me with unlimited inspiration and imagination. All of my textured abstract paintings are created with a palette knife using oils, acrylics and sometimes whatever else is next to me that a painting calls for. Contemporary modern art can come in different styles and where the artist usually focuses on either the color and/or design, my focus first and foremost is on the sculpted composition, heavy texture and then the color, which is why a palette knife is always my first and most important tool and a paint brush if ever used, is always secondary. I love creating all kinds of subjects in my style. modern and abstract paintings are the most freeing for me since I can get in front of a blank canvas and just go for it without worrying if someone else will like it or not, after all, it is my expression of what I see in that deep down place of my subconscious, completely subjective with absolutely no rules or constraints. I've heard people talking very generally about ANY textured art out there as being "globs of paint"... I feel there can NEVER BE TOO MUCH Texture, even if in "globs" :) So long as it is done right and does not come out looking amateur and sloppy. I consider it "controlled chaos" and that type of control can only come with time, experience, constant desire to make something out of nothing and an artists own ability to be creative, innovate and experiment. So what is it that I paint with my palette knife? pretty much everything... sculpting dragonflies, butterflies, koi fish, flowers like poppies and orchids. Other art I love are simple 1 or 2 tone geometric abstract paintings in dramatic bright solid colors as well as metallic textured gold silver and bronze modern paintings. "Simple" heavily textured seascapes and minimalist abstract landscapes are also some favorites, when creating them my mind wonders to a relaxed and completely freed state. They also have an especially modern look and feel which is perfect for the contemporary home or office and hopefully they will make you feel as relaxed looking at them as I feel when creating them. You can take a look around to see some of my previously sold paintings by navigating the side menu. These art works are available on a commission basis when my work load and schedule allows for it, please keep in mind that since each painting is a one of a kind original with each palette knife stroke done by hand, that no pieces are ever exactly the same. Most people like purchasing completed ready to ship canvas paintings and I do constantly have new completed modern, floral and abstract art for sale in my Etsy Store (link at the top of this page), be sure to check them out, this may save you in both the wait time and the sale price. Thank you for your interest in my original art! ~Susanna"

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